Wednesday, October 19, 2016

But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travelers notoriously false?

Champagne flowed over Hillary's nude and glistening body as she cackled in delight, bloated on her dais.

"Third debate, motherfuckas," Mook screamed as the boy in the Paul Krugman mask pleasured him roughly.

"Another wikileaks release, my love," a worried Huma said, looking up from the phone she constantly browsed. "This one says that Podesta traded cocaine and sexual favors to keep you from having to give a press conference throughout the entire campaign.

"Who cares?" Hillary said over the loud music. "Third debate! Starbucks gift cards for everybody!" She fed the empty champagne bottle into the gaping maw where her bellybutton should have been and there was a sound like a garbage disposal choking down a handful of silverware.

"The National Enquirer knows about us!" Huma said.

"Who cares?" Hillary said, opening another bottle to anoint the assholes stippled along each shoulder. They grew smaller every day. Soon they would be naught but tiny farting freckles. "Tell Mook to get more champagne when he's done shitting out all that cum."

"No!" Huma screamed. "Drudge is running a video of you pissing on a cancer kid, like literally pissing right in his face!"

"Who cares?" Hillary said. "Wait, it was a white kid, right?"

Huma looked up from the video, her olive skin turning pale.

"Yes," she replied.

"Who cares? Release a couple more of those girls Donald groped. We still have over 50 of them, right?" Hillary cackled again. A wave of horripilation passed over the Secret Service guards gagging at the scene.

"Grapes!" Hillary yelled. "I want grapes! And meat! Bring me meat!"

A dwarf stumbled forward, staggering under a tray piled with bloody hunks.

Hillary clapped her hands together awkwardly. "Send in the entertainment."

Mook vomited loudly as a nude woman in a Donald mask and a nude man in a Hillary mask were herded in the room from opposite doors. Hillary cackled again as they began to circle each other warily.

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