Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Just Asking Questions

What is proper tea-bag etiquette? Should the penis rest on the chin? Or along the nose? The chin option seems to plant the bagee's nose directly in the anus of the bagger--a feature or a bug depending on personal perference for both parties--or, at the very least, the toilet-paper-shreds strewn rear taintal region. But the eyeward orientation seems like it would result in the penis slapping against an eye. (Although the nose could be very effective in stimulating the bulbospongiosus muscle.) I also guess you could go in at an angle or even perpendicular to the nose ridge, if agile and limber enough. But the general shape of the scrotum, even sagging under steamy conditions, suggests that it would fit in the mouth of the bagee best aligned along the chin/nose ridge meridian.

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