Monday, May 10, 2010

The Kagan

She looks so much like this fat kid named Murray from summer camp that his face is all I can see. Murray was just the shittiest little fucktard ever. He laughed like a farting pig and smelled twice as bad. He sweated constantly, a greasy sheen all over his body. The worst part about Murray is that he both thought he was hilarious and the smartest guy in the room. Everybody hated his guts, even the adults.

One day the camp took us to a water park. Murray was running around like a moron, flabby and white and still reeking of piss even after all day in heavily chlorinated water. They were herding us from area to area, and finally we got to the water slide, the real tall and fast one. Murray was all mock-brave insisting that he got to go first, but he got shuffled to the back of the line like always. At the top, the water park guards told you--with numbing repetition--to keep your ankles crossed as you went down. Not why, mind you, but to just do it or else. I went down and was waiting at the bottom when it was Murray's turn. He let out a retard whoop and went down the slide, his legs wide apart, the edges of his feet scraping the sides of the slide.

You keep you feet crossed so that you don't force a whole lot of water up your ass on the way down. Murray's landing in the splash pool was followed by a spreading brown stain in the pool and on the ass of his swim trunks. No one could imagine that one fat kid could really have that much shit in him. Murray started crying and wouldn't come out of the pool. The counselors all had a furious debate amongst themselves over who was going to go down in the shit-tainted water to get him out. It was the first time I laughed so hard I got really close to throwing up.

They finally coaxed Murray out of the splash pool, his shit-filled shorts riding low on his blubbery hips. He cried all the way into the locker room, a disgusted camp counselor dragging him by his ham-hock arm and doing nothing to comfort him.

They shut down the water slide for the rest of the day.


  1. I can imagine that her pasty white ass is so wide that you can show IMAX movies on it.

    And now that I got on Sugar's testimonial board, I feel so dirty. I think I passed out starting the 2nd liter of Jager. I woke up less sticky than I thought I would. I guess you need a functioning pancreas to have thick sticky cum.

  2. I cannot adequately express my admiration for your prose. I mean, maybe if I murdered a retard child and wrote FUCK YEAH!!!! over and over with its tard-blood, or something, but I rarely want to resort to that.

  3. Nice try. Although this doesn't match your best, which I think comes with attacking the well-known and hence well reviled.